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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to leave a big ol' thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday this year.  I haven't been keeping up with people here all that well (or much of anywhere lately, for that matter), but I do read every single one of the messages you send my way, and I really do appreciate all of them!

As for an update on my end, things have actually been going much better for me this year compared to last year.  I've been getting back into the swing of things, finding more work, and I even finished and published my first game this year!
Actually, I should just put a link to the game here while I'm at it:…
The game could certainly be better, but after experimenting with prototypes all these years, it really does feel great to show that I've actually got a finished game under my belt.

I think it's also safe to say that I've been rather dead around here lately.  I haven't been good at updating much of my social media stuff either, but if you're interested in keeping up with whatever I do manage to post, I've got a few other places I've been trying to keep up with as well:

Second account for reblogs, but I dunno why you'd ever wanna follow this one:…

(actually had this account for years, but decided to give it another try this year and have been really enjoying using it!  Great for posting loose sketches without feeling like I need to be too formal with them.)

(made this one just a couple months ago. I originally avoided twitter for years, but it is nice being able to keep up with friends and folk on there more easily.  I guess it's kinda obvious, but Twitter and Instagram also have a ton of awesome artists you don't currently find here on dA!)

(haven't updated this one in years, but just like with my Instagram account, there's always a desire to swing by it again.  I've never really stopped kicking around ideas for how to bring this back.  Those videos I made before going quiet are just a real tough act to follow. :XD:)

(also a rather young and slim channel, but Vimeo makes for a good place for me to host videos that I felt wouldn't fit in with the audience MarkandFlops has on YouTube. In other words, mostly original content and demo reels.)

Thanks again for your support!  I say it a lot, but it really has meant the world to me, especially with how rough things have been for me in the past couple years.  I'm really excited for what's coming next!

Here's to the future!

Sketches Pg4 by Piggybank12
Hey everyone!

I'm way late with this, but I just wanted to leave a big ol' thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this year.  You people are pretty cool in my book!

This year's been rough for me, but that just makes all your birthday wishes and your support in general mean even more to me.  I'm not sure what the future holds right now, but I'm sure I'll figure out something eventually.  I probably said that before, but maybe if I keep saying it, I will figure something out.

Thanks again!  Hopefully I can share some more stuff soon!
Hey, it's time for an update!  I've got quite a few huge things to mention, so let's get right to it!
  • I'm now a college graduate, complete with a BFA focused on animation!  The job hunt is well under way, although I may end up getting a job in an unrelated field for now.  We'll see how things pan out, but I'm excited to be done with college either way!
  • I've finished my senior film, which is called Keev!  Due to running out of time to finish the film, I ended up going with a different concept that was much easier to complete on time.  You can watch it over here:

    Since some of the crew who helped on this film are on DA, I'll link to their pages as well:
    :iconrecorderdude: handled the excellent soundtrack,
    and :iconkadoyuu: helped with animation!
    If you like what you saw and heard here, feel free to check out their work!
  • On a similar note, Keev! is also the first film I've made that actually won an award, winning Silver (2nd Place) at the 2015 Edinboro Fall Film Festival!  Considering Keev! wasn't the senior film I originally wanted to make, it caught me off guard to see it win anything, but I'm super happy about it regardless and can't thank my team enough for their help!
  • I also had the privilege of being able to attend the CTNX expo this year in Burbank, California!  It was an amazing experience getting to not only meet quite a few friends and inspirations in person, but also get to show off my work at a booth in the expo and get loads of wonderful feedback from some amazing people and studios!  In fact, the entire event was full of a lot of firsts: getting to go to California for the first time, getting to make my first art book before the convention started, getting to visit a Fry's for the first time, all that good stuff.  It was, with no exaggeration, a life-changing experience that was a big reality-check for me.

So, with that out of the way, what's on the cards for 2016?

  • My main goal for 2016 is to get back into a regular habit of making my own animation and artwork.  More specifically, I want to get my YouTube channel running again, as well as post more work on DA, Tumblr and any other social media sites I could stand to post work on.  Working on Keev revealed to myself that I've been growing rusty with making my own animations lately, ever since I started slowing down with making my own work.  After going to CTNX, I also learned that there were quite a few people there who really loved my personal work and wanted to see me keep going with it, while the studio life ended up not gelling with me as much as I thought it would.  It's got me wondering if going toward an "independent artist/animator" route would actually be a good fit for me right now. The only way I'll know if that's true, however, is if I take the time to get a second job, make more stuff and see how things pan out!
  • This one might be the reason a lot of you follow my work, but I'll be upfront about it: I also want to step away from making MLP stuff for now.  MLP's been the source of some of my most experimental and popular projects, but at the same time, I know I don't want to be making MLP stuff forever.  It started out well, but has increasingly felt like a leftover and a burden from a previous point in my life, and with me graduating from college, I feel it's fitting to leave MLP behind as well.  It might be nice to do some sort of send-off with those characters before dropping them for good, but for now, I'm going to try winding down those kind of projects and do some new stuff.
  • However, this doesn't spell the end for other fan works, especially Sonic stuff.  I'm still trying to decide how to kick things off, but I've been heavily leaning toward making a new Sonic Short to start with.  Would you folks be interested in seeing something like that, or would you be interested in something different, perhaps even a different subject or franchise that's popular right now?  I'm not interested in just doing what's popular for the long term, but I am interested in using those subjects to help me quickly get back into a good habit of working regularly.  I also know Steven Universe and Undertale are fun to work with and popular right now, but I'm worried those things may be run into the ground by the time I get there. :XD:
  • After making Keev, I also want to keep developing original projects.  I'd love to go back to the original concept I had for my senior film and finish it, but I've also had some other stories sitting around that I'd love to bring to life as well.  Most likely, I want to have two different projects going on in a week: a few days that I can devote to original projects, and a few days that I can give to fan-related projects.
  • Lastly, I want to keep learning TVPaint and Toon Boom throughout the year.  I love knowing Flash like the back of my hand, but I've been finding it to be holding me back on a lot of the animations I want to create.  TVPaint has a more traditional approach that makes it really appealing to me, while the visual styles possible with TB are amazing as well.  Getting a better idea of how those tools work would be a huge help for me in the future.

Alright, that's enough updates for now.  In general, this year was a pretty great upturn for me, and even though things aren't as clear-cut for me in the new year, I'm rather hopeful for it as usual. :D

Take care, everyone!

Hey everyone!

I finally got around to the VERY long overdue act of cleaning up my gallery, putting a lot of the older and/or awful entries I've made over the years into storage.  I didn't get rid of all the old stuff, but hopefully it's enough to put more focus on my latest work and make room for newer entries.

I decided to also keep as many of my animated works as I could, storing the ones I felt weren't really up to snuff by today's standards.  All of this was inevitable, as I want to make it easier for people to find my more recent and/or better work.

Please accept this lousy attempt at putting fur on Sonic as compensation for this unexpected act.  In the meantime, I'll see all you alligators later!

It's a new year!  I have no idea why I'm starting it off by typing this journal entry, but I guess that's just the way things flow in this crazy new year we call 2015.

Here's some updates:
  • Even though 2014 wasn't the greatest year ever for me (there were a lot of projects I took part in or started that either fell flat or didn't get anywhere), it was still a better year for me compared to 2013.  I finally got to take some animation classes, and my work began to improve almost immediately.  I ended up doing a lot to overcome my original habit of using smears and multiples as a crutch for animating movement, instead of actually drawing the character transitioning between frames more naturally.  I also made quite a bit of progress in learning the principals of animation and learning about the history of the field.
  • I dealt with an art block for most of 2013 and 2014, but I think it's safe to say at this point that I've overcome it and am making headway to do more animation stuff again, as well as try out some new stuff.  Because, you know, variety is the spice of life!  That, and I'm set to graduate at the end of this year, so my time is dwindling down for working on silly, more experimental projects on the side.
  • I put the ask blogs I have on Tumblr on ice for now.  I originally started them for fun, but the demand for more updates got to me and I began obsessing over trying to update them.  Ironically, I wasn't happy with the entries I was making either, and a lot of them ended up scrapped and not being published.  It got to a point where it was really hampering my ability to work on projects, on schoolwork and even spend time with family.  I would be fine returning to them someday, but for now I have no need to look back.
  • What to expect from me this year?  Why, I thought you would never ask!
    • My big project this year is my senior film for college.  It will most likely be a larger animation and also an original creation, although I'm keeping details under wraps for now since I'm still working on some of the foundation stuff.  I'm hoping to try out some new post-processing effects for it that might give a rather unique look you don't usually see in a senior film, but we'll see how it turns out.  I might post some updates here on DA, but it's almost a guarantee that I'll post updates on my Tumblr art blog, so I'd check that out if you really want more updates to read.
    • I'm also working on an updated portfolio and demo reel for the stuff I made in 2014, as well as some much-needed business cards.
    • Other projects I'm currently helping with include being an animator on Raycord Legends (which is proving to be an absolute blast so far to work on), helping design a Sonic point-and-click adventure fangame (yes, you read that correctly), and doing some concept work for another game dev studio on an unannounced title.
  • As for other projects I'd like to circle back around to...
    • Something To Do With Butterflies.  Out of the many ideas I threw around in 2014, I constantly fall in love with this one every time I think of it, and I'm actually very happy with what I made for it so far and the places it could go.  I would love to come back to it, put more time into it and start handing out assignments to a crew, but with this year being as hectic as I think it might be, it's hard to say for now.
    • Blarmio's Morning Jog is actually over halfway done; it mostly just needs more art and a little more coding for some missing features, and it would be good to go.  It helps that I still find myself playing it every now and then too, so maybe it might be worth considering.
    • Depending on how things turn out with who ends up owning the characters (and if I find the time), I'd like to make another short featuring the Mystery Skulls Animated characters.
  • Anything on the back burner?
    • Emerl, as an animated series.  Most of the concept work is completed; it's mostly a case of continuing to pitch the idea around, which could certainly take a while.  I jumped the gun with bringing on VA's to help with it at such an early stage, and I constantly remember how foolish I was for doing that.  At this point though, there's not really much I can do, other than continue to pitch the idea and hope for the best.  There's still a chance Emerl could show up for my senior film, but at this point I think I'd rather focus my efforts on doing something completely new for the film if it means it'll have a better story.
    • The Tumblr ask and comic blogs, as previously stated above.

Alright, that's enough for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful new year!  Take care! :happybounce:

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to wish me a happy birthday!  I tried to respond to all of the comments separately, but I ended up getting more comments then I figured I would get, so I thought it might be best to at least make this journal to thank everyone at once. :XD:

One of the really cool things I got for my birthday this year is my own animation lightbox to work with.  It will allow me to animate traditionally on my own time, along with have a place to shoot footage with my camera.  In other words, it opens up a whole different medium I can animate in, and I'd love to try tackling some little projects with traditional animation sometime.  Animating with paper and pencil is a ton of fun, but can also be pretty expensive if you don't find a cheap way to get paper for it, haha.

In other news, things have continued to be rather quiet for me on DeviantArt.  College and my internship are keeping me busy as ever, with my personal projects being worked on whenever I get the chance in between homework and internship stuff.

There was a teaser released for the internship project though, which I drew up the artwork for:

Hopefully more will be revealed to the public soon!

In the meantime, take care everyone, and thank you again for the birthday wishes!
Alright, time to report some good news for once!

:bulletblue: My job search is at an end for now, as I was fortunate enough to get a paid internship doing storyboards and animation for a pretty awesome project.  It involves some crazy stuff, but I'm really pumped up about it.  What's even better is that I earn credits from the job as well, so I can drop one of my classes during the semester to focus more on the internship and whatever else I want to work on, haha.  Hoping things go well!

With the job search out of the way, things are starting to lean more towards my own projects again.  I also recently took a vacation to Disney World, and came back refreshed and excited about my own projects and a lot of new things. :happybounce:  I do have a couple goals that I want to try accomplishing before the semester starts again, so we'll see how that goes.  Lots of exciting things to look forward to!

:bulletblue: As for shoutouts, I'm going to mention something that's rather unknown right now, but is still a really cool project:

ShipAntics, an adventure game geared more towards a younger audience, is now out on iOS:  Been following the development on this game for quite a while now, and I'm happy I did.  If you like the Humongous Entertainment games, this game borrows a lot of the good stuff those games had and brings it all into a really appealing package full of great art design and animation.  The only real qualm I had with it is that the first episode is really short, but hopefully this is addressed more in the next two episodes.

:bulletblue: Lastly, a question for those of you who have read this far:

If I started a Patreon campaign, would any of you be interested in helping fund my animated works in exchange for getting a behind-the-scenes look at how I make my animations?  I actually have a campaign mostly set up (which is only focused around my animated works on YouTube), but I'm still working on making a video for advertising it and figuring out other details.  The idea I have for it right now is to allow backers to access a Patreon-only feed, which will be devoted to posting works in progress and showing certain animations early before they're released to the public.  And whatever else I can come up with for rewards, lol.  You would only pay every time I release a finished animation on YouTube, which isn't something I do all that often anyway, so there shouldn't be a big problem with paying for too many animations.  You can also set a limit on your account for how much you pay in a month, which also prevents paying too much in case I do go insane and post a bunch of animations in a month. :P

The goal would be to allow me more time to animate and manage my own projects, and less time doing unrelated freelance work to help cover bills and pay for equipment.  And of course, the money earned through Patreon would be completely devoted to buying equipment, software, bringing in other talent and covering bills to help make more of my animated projects a reality.  If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know in the comments or send me a note! :D

That's all I have for now!  Take care everyone!
With how quiet it's been for me lately here on DeviantArt and everywhere else I hang around, I think it's time I owed some sort of explanation for what I've been doing all this time.

I've been looking for work.  And I'm not talking about little commissions or anything like that; I'm talking about being hired for a job at a company and having some sort of work to do that pays money, which can be used to cover bills.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any of that kind of work yet.  Most of my time is spent looking for places to apply to, sending out applications and hoping I get a reply while I live off of my savings.  Although I usually never hear anything back, I keep sending out applications regardless and hope for the best.

The other half of my time is spent working on Project Emerl, which is thankfully going better then my job search.  The art crew still consists of only me, but I've been chasing after a couple opportunities which could help develop the project some more and get things moving, while also working on some storyboards and getting things more fleshed out.

As for what's happened to all of the animations I used to make on here and YouTube, I stopped making them when it became apparent that I couldn't afford making them anymore.  I just don't have enough time or money to spare for all of the stuff I want to do, unlike when I was starting out in college a few years ago with much more free time, less of a need for money and much lower standards.  I hope to change that someday, but with how desperate I am to keep my schedule open for any paid work, I'll probably have to make some sacrifices elsewhere in order to do so.

I do apologize for all of this, especially to all of you who continue to follow my work and keep in touch with me even after all this time of silence.  I'll continue to look for ways to keep my schedule open for work, but also leave time during the week to work on silly stuff.  Even if that possibly means I can only work late at night and on weekends, and take a long time to chip away at a project.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this clears up a few things. :)
As the title probably hints at, I've been messing around with making character mods for Guacamelee: Gold Edition on Steam.  Here's the mods I've made so far:



The Tick:…

I've got another mod I'm working on right now featuring Emerl (that also involves a re-skin of almost everything with the main player: brand new drawings, animation, etc...), but I'm trying to think of other ideas for characters I could make as well.

In fact, I'll just make a little list of possible mods to make in the future:
  • Manly Spike (thanks :iconnightb1ader:!)
  • Big The Cat
  • Dr. Eggman (Sonic Boom version)
  • Shrek (LAYERS)
  • Rayman (Rayman's head for chicken?
  • Los Super Hermanos (Mario Bros.)
  • ...and some surprise ideas, because I don't want to give all of them away. :P
If you have any ideas in mind for character mods and want to share your idea, feel free to let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to consider your ideas!  I'm honestly open for a lot of ideas right now, but obvious fits and/or obscure but cool ideas are ones I tend to find worth my time.  Ideas that wouldn't require much work to implement are always nice too... :XD:

Also, I really gotta hand it to Drinkbox Studios for designing the character modding process to be so streamlined.  Not only is it really easy for me to design costumes for the game (all/most of the animation in the game is done in Flash, with the FLA files for the main characters and a compiler included with the install), it was also a learning experience getting to pick through the animation files and figure out how exactly the characters were animated.  Very cool!
EDIT: Stream's over!  Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by!  I'll be sure to give more notice the next time I do a livestream, and also try to work on an animated project. :D…

Been quite a while since I've done this, but here goes nothing!

Watch me draw a silly Sonic drawing for an hour or two.  Hopefully not for too long though, since I've got a few other things I need to do today.

Gonna try a couple new things today as well: using instead of Livestream, and also trying out a new brush pack I found for Photoshop.  Feel free to stop by and watch me fiddle with settings, make up a drawing as I go and witness me not know what I'm doing. :P
Hey everyone!

If you're interested in keeping up more with "Project Emerl", a rather ambitious side project I've been working on over the past couple years, we now have a Facebook and Tumblr page devoted to the project.  We'll be posting concept art, animation tests, job openings and other goodies as we continue to work towards a pilot episode and a couple other things I can't talk about yet. ;)



I might also post some larger updates that I create for the project over here on DeviantArt as well, but I'm going to try and keep the majority of Emerl-related updates on these new pages instead.

We hope you'll consider following our work as we keep moving towards bringing this project to fruition!

No idea if I should write a year-in-review thing or not, but seeing how crazy this year was for me, I guess it would make sense to try summing up how the year went for me personally so I can gather my thoughts.

In a word, 2013 for me was very sporadic.  It went all over the place; up to the highest levels, down to the lowest lows and in the middle-est middles.  My mood though ended up being kind of in the gutter for a good chunk of the year, which I guess shows in how not-productive I was this year on the Internet.  Most of my attention this year was spent with improving my grades at college and trying to find work, with the work search still turning up nothing.  College though has actually been going much better than last year, with my grades finally picking up and getting much better, so that's a great thing to have going into 2014.

As for my work itself, this year hasn't turned up many finished projects for me to even talk about, haha.  I did make two Sonic Shorts this year that both got released in Sonic Shorts Volume 8 (oh yeah, Volume 8 finally came out!), and although they didn't end up being all that interesting to actually make, it was nice to finally finish them.  Spike the Marvel Dog was made a few months after I finished one of the Sonic Shorts, and that animation ended up becoming so popular on YouTube (I went from about 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel to over 8000 by the end of this year) that it actually scared me from making more content due to all of the extra attention, lol.  It's silly, but I'm just not used to all of that attention yet, and it honestly got to my head.  Sonic Lost World's Parkour Engine also ended up being way bigger then I anticipated, creating even more attention for myself that I also wasn't sure how to deal with.  When I had to give a little spiel about my work during the Sonic Paradox panel at Youmacon, I had thought no one really knew about that animation when I started to speak.  That is, until TheWax yelled out PARKOUR and the rest of the audience followed suit. :XD:

Anyway, what was the good stuff that happened this year?

Since The Sonic Show ended up being heavily involved in this year's Summer of Sonic, I ended up getting to do a bunch of artwork for the convention that was used on badges, T-shirts, banners and even a border for the Livestream of the event.  It was simply surreal seeing my work plastered around the convention, and people also seemingly enjoying my work being there.

Speaking of surreal, talk about Youmacon!  It was pretty intimidating at first attempting to join in on the convention (along with skipping a day of classes so I could have two days at the convention instead of just one), but it was definitely worth the extra day there.  Getting to meet a gigantic chunk of the Sonic Paradox crew in person and get to know all of them better was a grand pleasure and tons of fun, along with meeting fans of my work in person, buying lots of things I didn't need and also take a vacation away from home for the first time in a long while.

Probably the biggest and grandest thing I've accomplished this year though is work on the concept for Emerl, which is that animated series thing I've been talking about lately.  It's something I haven't shown much on the Internet in general this year, but a good chunk of this year has been spent mostly working on production materials for Emerl by myself and a few other very talented and awesome people.  Emerl is truly becoming the biggest project I've ever developed by far, and it feels great to finally work on something original and apply what I've learned after the previous years of almost only working off of established properties.  If I have anything in mind that I want to accomplish in 2014, it would be to start releasing content featuring Emerl and show what I've been working on all this time. :D

I really don't know how to wrap up this journal entry, and I'm definitely not wrapping it up with a New Year's Resolution because I probably wouldn't keep it anyway, lol.  I guess I will say this though: even if 2013 was a little all over the place, looking back at it did help me realize that I really did accomplish a lot this year.  Heck, I think I accomplished more this year then I ever have before, which is enough for me to chalk this year down as another productive one.  Just more productive with behind-the-scenes stuff instead. :P

Here's to 2014!  No matter what, I will continue to work towards doing better then before, and I won't settle for less!

Happy New Year, and take care!

I’m running VA auditions for the pilot of an animated project of mine called “Emerl”!  Feel free to spread this around if you wish!  As for those who are curious to learn more, read on…

Right now, the only three characters I’m running auditions for are Emerl himself (an optimistic blue blob thing with the gift of being able to do physically “anything and everything”) along with two other main characters: Pepper (Emerl’s ghostly friend who tags along with him on most adventures) and Jolt (a hyperactive young girl with a knack for tearing just about anything apart).

For more information on each character’s personality and quirks, including sample lines containing elements which I’m looking for from each character’s VA, please follow these links:

Emerl VA information (higher quality image of character sheet HERE)

Pepper VA information (higher quality image of character sheet HERE)

Jolt VA information (higher quality image of character sheet HERE)

Please feel free to audition for as many characters as you want, and experiment with takes!  Since these are original characters, there is nothing you have to impersonate unless you feel it’s a good fit for the character. You make the voice!

My only requirements are that you have very good recording quality (gotta make a great first impression!), you would have to do work for at least the pilot (and possibly a little advertising for the pilot, like a trailer/teaser for example) on a volunteer basis, and that being able to sing in-character is a plus but NOT required.

Lastly, send your audition in an MP3 file (make sure you tell me a little bit about yourself as well, including a demo reel if you have one) to  The deadline for all submissions is January 12, 2014!

Me and the other judges will be reviewing the entries afterwards and will try to contact the VA’s we decide on within the following days.

Thank you so much for your help!  Have fun with it, and be creative!  Again, if you’re not a VA but are still interested in the idea, feel free to spread the word to anyone who might want to help out!
It's been really hard for me to find any paid work lately, so to keep myself animating over winter break I started up a couple projects to work on alongside the pilot for Emerl.  Aside keeping me from sinking into boredom over break, I want to also use these projects as a means to practice three things I've wanted to implement more into my animated work for years now: lighting/shading, more camera angles and also to keep practicing 3D/CG animation.

I don't have too much to show from these projects yet, but here's a couple sneak peeks for what I do have so far.  Each of these projects mostly focus on one of the elements I mentioned, but some of them mess with all three of those elements.

A new SEGA Short for the SEGA Shots collection, starring everyone's favorite egg-rolling chicken boy hero friend.  You can probably tell just by looking at this concept art what the tone of the short will be and that I'm mostly focusing on lighting with it, haha.  I also enlisted the help of KaDoYuu to help me shade part of the short this way, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it'll turn out in the long run!  One imaginary cookie goes to whoever can guess where this light set-up has been seen before...

Yep, you are seeing things right: I'm working on a new MLP animation.  I haven't watched most of Season 3, and my knowledge of the show is dated back to Season 1 and 2, but the idea I have in mind just excites me so much that I don't care whether it would be canon or not. :XD:  The concept art currently doesn't really show this, but this one mostly plays with camera angles and a little with lighting.  Sweetie Belle also sings a little bit and breaks her bones to get into that pose because she's feelin' the music in her soul and stuff.

This is actually a test render I did for the main characters appearing in the final I'm working on in my computer animation class.  As you can tell, it's mostly animated in 3D, with the only 2D animation being the faces of the characters.  There's a script, voice acting and gags in this one, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out as well.  I've never made anything in 3D animation of this magnitude before, so it's been one crazy journey so far with making it.  I've been learning a lot of really cool stuff while helping to make it though, all things that I can't wait to incorporate into future works.

That's all I really have to say for now.  I'll try and post more updates here when I can, since I believe it only makes sense to try and keep you wonderful people more updated with what I'm working on.

Take care!
So, Youmacon went really well for me, and I assume it went well for quite a lot of the Sonic Paradox crew as well!  I really had a wonderful time getting to hang around with the SP crew, meet a few awesome fans, buy a lot of stuff I don't need, and fumble around with what to say for my introduction during the panel!  I also got locked out of my room once, guaranteeing that it would be a weekend I would never forget. :XD:

Another thing I got to do while at the convention was draw stuff at the Sonic Paradox booth, which I wasn't originally planning on doing.  I've never taken part in an artist alley booth at a convention before this, but after being convinced to try drawing at the booth for a few hours, it was a lot of fun!  It was the first time in months that I actually got to sit down and just draw stuff in my sketchbook with a pencil, and it was great being surrounded by a bunch of awesome people who were interested in the same stuff I am.  I would definitely be interested in being even more prepared and attending another convention with the intention of drawing stuff and doing commissions, especially since there wasn't much else I wanted to do at the convention besides draw and hang out with friends, lol.

As for other stuff going on for me right now, it's mostly consisted of projects I'm doing for college classes as the semester starts to wrap up, so there's not too much to report on or post yet.

However, I have finally started pre-production on the pilot for Emerl, a new animated series-like project that I've been working on over the past year.  Most of the past year has consisted of building the characters and the world they inhabit, and needless to say that it feels great to finally get started with making an actual episode of the series, haha.  I'm planning to try getting some character sheets up soon and shed some more light on each of the main characters, as well as get the script finished so I can start working on the animatic.

I've also recently decided to make a SEGA Short for the new SEGA Shorts collection being made at Sonic Paradox, and will also try holding livestreams on that soon for those that might be interested.  I'll be sure to post a journal or make an announcement if/when I have a time set for that.

That's all I have to report on for now!  Take care everyone!
Hey there everyone! :D

First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the happy birthdays!  I've read through every one of them, and it means the world to me that so many of you took a little bit of time out of your day to simply tell me happy birthday.  One of the big gifts I got for my birthday was a printer and scanner of my very own, so now I can finally scan in some of the traditional artwork I've made over the years!  I'll try posting some of those drawings soon as well! :happybounce:

Now's also probably a good time to announce something else: recently, Sonic Paradox announced that quite a bit of the crew will be in attendance at Youmacon 2013 in Detroit, and will be holding a panel and giving out goodies and meeting people.  Well, I'm happy to say that I am currently set to be one of the Sonic Paradox members in attendance on that day!  If you happen to be in Detroit around the end of October, feel free to stop by the convention if you can and meet me and the rest of the SP crew.
Also, here's a link to Youmacon's website for more info on the convention:

Lastly, I think I should mention something about the projects I've revealed lately and their current state of affairs.  Currently, I am working on getting some character sheets made for Emerl and making a script and animatic for the pilot episode; hopefully soon I will be able to post some character sheets and give you all better descriptions of the characters.  As for Blarmio's Morning Jog, the game itself is largely programmed and working correctly, with the big thing I still have yet to put in being a store system to spend your hard-earned coins in. (no real money; I'm not going to charge anything to play a blatant Mario ripoff, lol)  Once that's all running correctly, and I have a couple other characters and power-ups working properly, I can start getting a build made for the Google Play store for Android devices, or at the very least, release a build over the web to let people try the game on their PC's or Mac's.

As for Freezeburn and the Butterflies project, that is where things currently get a little tricky.  I can't really work on three games at once AND college/paid commissions/Emerl at the same time; that's just a little too much, haha.  Instead, I'm thinking of trying to construct a prototype for each game, then let you all vote on which game you would be most interested in seeing more development in.  I'm personally a fan of both ideas, but I can't decide! :XD:  I'll give more details on this when/if I get the game prototypes closer to completion and release them for people to try out for themselves.

Alright, I think that covers everything for now.  Take care everyone!
Since this convention is coming up fast, I oughta make an update about it before it's too late! :XD:

If any of you are attending this year's Summer of Sonic, try to keep an eye out for my work at the convention!  I can't attend such an awesome convention thanks to being in the US, but the least I can do is help the convention when it comes to animation and artwork.

First off, here's the announcement for the sequel to Seaside Denied, Metropolis Mayhem.
I actually did not have very much involvement with this installment, but I did draw a little cameo for it and a shot that appears after the credits.  Sooo, be sure to not stop watching the video when the credits stop rolling.  You would be doing yourself quite a disservice. ;)

I also whipped up some character art for The Sonic Show, including having my artwork on three of the four FREE BADGES they'll be handing out at the convention!  I also got to design part of the packaging for them too!

Some of the artwork for the packaging ended up also being reused in a limited edition T-Shirt for The Sonic Show appearing at SoS, which I already showed here before.  I'll put it here again anyways though, because it's just so cool!

There's actually a few other things I've made for the convention as well, so keep an eye out for all of that good stuff!

I'll be sure to post what I can on DeviantArt after the convention is said and done, but if you can, watch the livestream for the convention on August 4th and see it all live!  I'll try to hang around in the livestream as well!

Alright, I'm done advertising stuff for now. :P  If any of you are going to the convention, I'd love to hear how it went for you!
Hey there everyone!  I've got a couple announcements I need to make.

First off, all the stuff I was working on for Summer of Sonic are now finished and ready to go!  That is what's been keeping me busy for most of the past couple weeks, as a good chunk of the stuff I ended up doing for the convention did not come to my attention until recently, but I'm still really proud of what I did manage to whip up for the convention!  I'll be sure to try and post whatever I can and/or update you all on the stuff I made for the convention whenever I'm given permission to. :D

This also means that I'll finally be able to work on commissions again!  I am terribly sorry for me being quiet on the topic recently (especially to McGack, who was already kind enough to send me the payment over a week ago), but I will be sure to get back to work on all the current commissions and will send notes out to the current commissioners accordingly.  The only other things keeping me occupied at the moment are a website that I was commissioned to build and design for a local business, and a rather big secret project that I really hope I can unveil in some form very soon.

Lastly, because of this workload and summer starting to wind down for me, I will unfortunately have to scrap plans to take on more summer commissions and instead stick with the four I have right now.  I really don't want to have to worry about commissions during classes at college unless I'm sure I can handle the workload, since that has been trouble for me in some cases with balancing work and grades.  This does give me more of a chance to focus on my schoolwork though, which should be fun considering I have another animation class this semester and also have to apply for candidacy.

I'll try to keep you all updated though!  I may have been quiet here on DA, but I've actually been really busy working on some pretty cool things!  Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to post a few new things soon as well!
Hey you!

Yeah, you!

Wanna win a T-Shirt that has some artwork I drew on it?  It's FREE!  And pretty comfortable!  It might be a great way to celebrate summer too!  Or show some Sonic love!  Or even both!  You could even wrap yourself up in it like a little homeless lady!  Or a little homeless guy!  I typed up this sentence so I could add another exclamation mark!

Follow the link here for more info on how to win!  It's pretty simple, since all you have to do is just type up a little email!

(Also, if you don't win, don't fret!  You can actually buy the shirt for yourself, although since it's a limited edition run you better act fast!  Here's a video advertising the whole deal-e-o!  The blue one even glows in the dark!  HOW COOL IS THAT!)
All four slots are now filled!  I'll update the journal whenever a slot frees up again, which will hopefully be very soon!  Thank you all again for your interest! :D
Original message below...

Okay, judging by how no one has commissioned me yet or barely said anything about this, maybe I set my prices too high the first time around. :XD:

I do need to make some money this summer, so I hope these new prices don't seem so scary compared to the old ones!

Also, I've decided that I can't really afford to take point commissions, since there's no way for me to exchange them for actual money and thanks to my current financial strain.  Sorry about that!

:bulletblue: There will be four slots open for commissions for the next couple months, most likely until sometime in August when school starts up again.  When one slot frees up, it will become open again and someone else will be able to have the opportunity to take the slot, be it someone who inquired with me before it opened or someone who asked me when the slot opened.  In other words, first come, first serve!  I will also update the journal and send out an announcement whenever a slot opens.
All things I make can hover around a PG rating at max in terms of content, and I am able to deny any commission idea I don't feel comfortable with.  Once I accept the commission and receive payment though, that commission is getting done!

Depending on how things go, I may add or even take away slots, although it's much more likely that I'll add slots since I can usually work pretty quickly these days and really need the money. Regardless of if a slot is open or not, if you want to commission me, just send me a note or leave a comment and ask!  I won't bite, honest!

Now, what am I offering my services for?  Last time I did this, it was just for artwork, but this time, I'm offering work for animations as well.  I want to take this much more seriously then I have in the past, since all of the other times I did commissions/requests was mostly for practice and less as an actual job.


Artwork Commissions
(I will make the initial sketch of the idea to show to you, and if you like it, you then send me the payment so I can finish the commission! :) )

$3: A really loose sketch of your character (can do this in SAI or on pencil/paper)($2 for every other character)
Kirby Sketches by Piggybank12
Sketchin' Around: 3 by Piggybank12

$4: Lineart Character Drawing ($3 for every other character)

$6: Small Colored Lineart Drawing (with shading) ($4 for every other character)
Overdue Fan Arts by Piggybank12

$7: Full painting (or vectored, whichever you choose) of a character with abstract background (lineart, coloring, shading, all that good stuff!) ($5 for every other character)
The Things He Does For Love... by Piggybank12
Commission: Fantasiia by Piggybank12
Power Walkin' by Piggybank12
Makeover by Piggybank12
(These vectored paintings don't have an abstract background, but it gives a pretty good idea of a more fleshed out vectorized look.)

$8: Full or vectorized painting as listed above, except with a more developed background. ($6 for every other character)
The Wrong Seeds by Piggybank12
Tea Time! by Piggybank12

Animated Commissions
(Still trying to figure this one out, but here's the current process: I will make an animatic of the idea, you send me the payment, and I will finish the commission.  Bigger projects will have a different process; send me a note if you're curious!)

$5: DeviantArt Animated Icon drawn in my usual art style, showing a looping GIF animation of a character of your choice doing whatever you want them to do.

$10: GIF loop of a character drawn in my usual art style in Flash, at a resolution of around 550x400 pixels (depending on the size of your character).  The character will do a looping animation of some kind; walk cycles, hula hoop, paddle ball, something silly, something cool, whatever!  Let me know what you want your character to do. (one character only; just ask me if you want more characters in it, and we'll work out something!)
On the Move... by Piggybank12
Jumping For Joy by Piggybank12
Time To Party! by Piggybank12

Are you thinking a little bigger than what I have listed here?
Need someone to help sketch out a few things for that big project?
Got some animation work that needs done?
Send me a note and we can discuss it!

Some past projects I've done for people...
Double Rainboom: Poster 4 Sketch by Piggybank12 The Sonic Show's NEW Intro by Piggybank12 Sonic Short 2: A Date To Dine For by Piggybank12 Cartoon Network Characters by Piggybank12 Sonic Stadium Banner by Piggybank12

All payment will be made via PAYPAL this time.  NO POINT COMMISSIONS.  If I approve of your commission idea, I'll give you my paypal email so you can send me the payment.
If you have ANY questions at all, please leave a comment or send me a note!


  • :icongalaxyguy100: (Animated commission)
  • :iconmcgack: (Full painting)
  • :iconloor101: (Comic)
  • :iconalittleofsomething: (Animated commission)