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The Surreptitious Giana by Piggybank12 The Surreptitious Giana by Piggybank12
EDIT 2: I just can't stop messing with this thing. The background finally got some detail thrown into it, after referring to Giana's room in the official game. And, well, I think it looks a lot better thanks to it.


Oh boy, what's that silly Giana up to now? Judging by her surreptitious activity, it can't be good.

What, you don't know what surreptitious means? I don't blame you. This was made for a English assignment where we had to draw a picture relating to the vocabulary word. I think I went a tad overboard with it. :P
Mario123311 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
I just imagine she's sneaking around when she's supposed to be asleep. XP Better not wake the "lions" young lady~.
Videogamer555 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011
Cool! That's a quite obscure game. I'm surprised you even heard about it, let alone made fan art of it. I only heard about it on Wiki when looking up copyright law's "look and feel" term. Turns out the original game was called Great Giana Sisters. It was on the Commodore 64. It had the "look and feel" of a Mario game (from screenshots I later saw, it actually looked like SMB1 but with different sprites). Not to mention the game title Great Giana Sisters is an obvious knockoff of the title of the Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers. Needless to say, Nintendo sued the company that made it.

More recently there is a new release under the name Giana Sisters, and I'm guessing it's done by a different company too, but I'm not sure. It's for the Nintendo DS (what IRONY). My first thought is that it was a homebrew game, that was to be released on flash-cart, in phony game boxes (as I thought the pics of game boxes on the website for the game were likely unofficial and so would be the cartridges). But when I downloaded a rom of it and played it on my emulator, one of the first things on the screen is the classic required phrase for all Nintendo licensed games. It said "Licensed by Nintendo". While nothing in terms of actual software programming is stopping homebrew makers from putting that phrase in their game, it could EASILY result in a massive suit if Nintendo ever found out about it. And to this day, I've NEVER seen any homebrew games that boot to a screen that says "Licensed by Nintendo" (not on the DS, not the NES, not the Wii; NO HOMEBREW AT ALL). So it seems likely the game is legit. And somehow they managed to get Nintendo to license it.
Piggybank12 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011  Professional Filmographer
There was a DS remake made by Spellbound a couple of years ago. It's only sold over in European countries though and not in the US. This remake is the version I was basing the 2.5D fangame off of.

For more info, may I suggest you check out the (very cool) website for the game: [link]
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